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My Journey to BoRAE Skin by Raven Bowe

30 Year Old, Bronx, New York Native, Mom Of 1, Paralegal/ Legal Assistant, bored with career and sometimes with the BX life pretty much summed me (Raven B) up until I decided to become the proud owner of BoRAE Skin. 

Working 4 blocks from Sephora is what truly started my love for skin care and makeup. Every time I walked in the massive 42nd & Park Sephora I instantly felt at ease no matter what happened the days or weeks prior, LOL sounds ridiculous but it's true.

By no means was I balling but I embarrassingly confess I spent over $350 monthly in that place. But, I am happy I did because I tested and learned so much within the two year period of my makeup and skincare insanity. 

1. Expensive is not better.

2. Most of the time we are not on the list when these products are formulated.

3. Just be because the works for other don't mean it will work for you, DUH Rae!

 After trying so many of the trending brands my skin still looked like this:

 Patchy and Uneven!! With whiteheads and blackheads all over, UGH!

So I began my natural skincare journey, more things I learned:

1. All natural products with no preservatives actually is a waste; the products do not last and can eventually can become less beneficial. Don't believe the hype.

2. Just plain essential oils do not always do the trick, you may need those AHAs and BHAs as well.

3. Mixing a bunch of oils together can cause more breakouts and creating more texture, also leaves you a greasy mess.

Gathering everything I learned from Sephora, the less than satisfying amount of skincare lines that actually think of us when they make their products (not just throwing our melanin queens in commercials), and my own sloppy attempt to go natural led me to the desire to make my own smart, natural, and inclusive skincare line.

I researched the most beneficial ingredients and worked with a manufacturer to formulate a skin care line for melanated skin. Targeting hyper pigmentation, fine lines, texture, and anti-aging (30 more like 25 is when you should start using anti-aging products,easier to prevent than treat!!).

After the formulating process and a few trial and errors and using people as my guinea pigs lol (sorry)

BoRAE is a 5 product system (for now) that I can't wait for everyone to try:

-AHA and Kojic Acid Brightening Cleaner

-Vitamin C ALL-IN-ONE Toner

-Stem C 20 Vitamin C Serum

-Vitamin C Lotion

-Turmeric Brightening Masque

 I even use them on my self. I have combo, sensitive skin, that forms dark spots whether I pop my pimples or NOT!

 My Skin has truly transformed and I am here to share with you what I found! I am so freaking excitedddd! There is so much more to come with BoRAE Skin. More products, cleansing tools, body care.....oooooo I can't wait. 

I will end this with words from Morgan Harper Nichols, "So wear your strongest posture now, and see your hardest times as more than times you fell but a range of mountains you learned to climb."

Love, BoRAE (Rae B)



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